Study 10: 2000 Yogic Flyers in Massachusetts improve quality of life in all of the U.S.

The first big assembly of Yogic Flyers in one location, also called the “World Peace Assembly”, occurred in the summer of 1979 in the state of Massachusetts. For 6 weeks (from 9 July to 20 August) between 1570 and 2770 Yogic Flyers assembled to conduct their TM b, TM Sidhi programme and Yogic Flying practice together. As according to the formula of the square root of 1% of the entire American population only 1530 Yogic Flyers were required, it was predicted in advance that this assembly would have a measurable influence on the behaviour in all of the U.S.

It was predicted that the following factors would all significantly improve all over the U.S., but that the effect would be even stronger in Massachusetts. Even though a light source spreads light all over a room, the light still shines the brightest closest the source: violent crime, car accidents, plane crashes, 14 different causes of death (including murder and suicides). It was also predicted that the effect of greater positivity in the conscious of the Americans would be noticeable on the American stock exchange (as measured by Standards&Poor’s and Dow-Jones).Ref.Reference: Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation, Collected Papers vol. 4, no. 323, pp 2549-2563

The results